What You Can Do with Concrete: Concrete Landscaping Design

Concrete landscapes aren’t new to Southern California—in fact, people throughout the region have been taking advantage of the unique and creative applications that concrete landscaping provides for quite some time.

Homeowners can create their own private enclaves, complete with sidewalks, stones, and waterscapes with our ready-mix concrete. Concrete landscapes offer a highly versatile and even earth-friendly option for maximizing outdoor spaces.

Concrete Patios

Concrete patio design is another part of landscaping that can be taken to new levels thanks to the different pigments and stains, texturing methods and decorative stamped concrete patterns made available today. By combining stonework, color and texture into one multidimensional landscape, you can have a truly unique and extraordinary concrete patio for entertainment and functionality.

Decorative Rocks and Boulders

Obtaining landscape rocks, stones and boulders from a quarry—or even trying to collect them yourself—is a costly endeavor due to the weight of the rocks and the equipment needed to place them. You can avoid these extra costs and hassles with landscaping rocks made from concrete. Lightweight compared to real stone and created to the exact dimensions required, concrete landscaping rocks and boulders can be used to create a cost-effective, unique and stunning garden or yard.

Concrete Blocks

Residences in California are often located within the natural hills and slopes of the region; as a result, these sloped yards often experience erosion. Creating a tiered yard with concrete retaining wall blocks helps prevent erosion and offers an appealing landscape design. Concrete retaining wall blocks can also be used for landscape edging and concrete tree rings to organize landscaping, delineating areas of the yard.

Ask Us About Concrete Landscaping

Sprague’s Ready Mix Concrete has the experience, tools and supplies to make your concrete landscaping project a success, whether you are a do it yourself-type homeowner or a professional contractor. Call us or visit one of our Southern California locations locations to find out how we can help.