What You Can Do With Concrete: Swimming Pool Construction

The warm weather in Southern California practically necessitates swimming pools, and many homeowners are opting to build concrete in-ground pools to beat the heat. Swimming pool builders in Southern California depend on the concrete specialists at Spragues’ Ready Mix—and you should too if you are considering building a concrete swimming pool.

Spragues’ Ready Mix Concrete can provide the right kind of ready-mix concrete for swimming pool construction in any style: a Mediterranean seascape, an island oasis, or a modern lap pool.

Designing & Building Concrete Swimming Pools

In-ground concrete pools don’t have to be large and elaborate; in fact, you can design a concrete pool installation for almost any space. However, concrete swimming pool construction does take some planning—it’s an involved, multi-step process that requires trained, experienced concrete professionals.

Consider your space and how pool landscaping will fit into what you have. If you are building a new home, envision the sort of surrounding landscape you have in mind. Ideally, your new swimming pool will integrate smoothly into its surroundings, complementing the rest of the yard and its structures. You don’t want a pool that looks as if it were an afterthought!

Spragues’ Ready Mix can help with various areas of concrete pool construction, including the actual form and the area around the pool itself:

  • Concrete Pool Coping Forms

After the pool site has been excavated, concrete coping forms are installed. Concrete pool coping forms define the edges, sides, and steps of your pool to form an outline. They also provide a safe, nonslip surface for bare feet. Spragues’ can provide precast ready-mix concrete pool coping or pour it on site.

  • Concrete Pool Decks

Every concrete pool deck should also have a textured surface to provide grip—though it still needs to be comfortable to walk on. Concrete pool decks must also be able withstand environmental extreme: hot and cold temperatures, rain, wind, and sun.

With the variety of colors and textures available as well as methods of enhancing and protecting our ready-mix concrete, there are a wide range of options to satisfy all requirements. Using stamped concrete around swimming pools, in which qualified concrete professionals press patterns into the concrete, provides texture and the element of design. Once the deck is completed, it will need to be treated properly.

With the knowledge and experience we have gathered over 90 years, Spragues’ Ready-Mix Concrete can find the concrete professional to stamp or treat your ready-mix concrete to ensure it remains safe and durable so you can enjoy your concrete swimming pool for years to come.

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