What You Can Do With Concrete:
Concrete Countertops

Adding concrete kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, or concrete countertops surrounding your bar or outdoor eating area, is an attractive and easy way to increase the value of your home without spending big bucks on expensive granite or marble. Lower-cost options, like tile, Formica, or other composites, may cost less but are often not as durable as ready-mix concrete.

Because our ready-mix concrete is so versatile, Spragues’ can design and manufacture ready-mix concrete that can fit into any home design in Southern California.

Designing & Building a Concrete Countertop

Ready-mix concrete is extremely versatile, allowing a homeowner to customize concrete countertops to virtually any color, shape, size, and texture. Our ready-mix concrete can be molded to fit all shapes—even the smallest of kitchens, the narrowest of bathrooms, or the most angular of layouts—so you can have enough workspace to store items, clean, or cook. We can mold basins, sinks, and even fire pits to your complete concrete countertop so everything is a seamless fit.

It’s not all gray, either: opt for colored concrete or stained concrete to complement your existing color palette or stamped concrete for an intricate design. Every bathroom, kitchen, or bar updated with concrete countertops can have a personalized form and color to exactly match your specifications.

Spragues’ Ready-Mix Concrete works with concrete professionals in Southern California to create custom concrete countertops. Though we can create the countertop right in your own home, this may not be the best choice if your home is undergoing some remodeling as concrete countertop production can take up to two weeks. This process includes curing, grinding, polishing, and sealing, which protects the concrete countertop from stains. Spragues’ Ready-Mix Concrete generally constructs concrete countertops at our facility and, in partnership with our preferred contractors, brings it to your home for installation.

Learn How to Build Concrete Countertops

We provide concrete consultation and supplies throughout the Southern California region. Along with our partner concrete contractors, we can design, build, deliver and install concrete countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, pool areas, and more in Southern California homes and businesses. Contact us today to discuss your project—we’d love to go over your concrete countertop options!

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