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SRM Colored Concrete

You don’t have to use the same boring gray concrete that’s used in construction for your concrete project, especially if you’re using ready mix concrete for a decorative home project. Flooring, patios, and walkways that look exactly like red brick, rich brown wood, or dusty blue stone can be created simply with our colored ready mix concrete.

How We Do It

We’ll come up with the basic recipe for your ready-mix concrete, taking into account the project at hand—whether you’re going to stamp, wash, or otherwise texturize the ready-mix concrete after it has been poured. Before we deliver your shipment of ready-mix concrete, we’ll add the color of your choice.

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Note: Due to variations in computer monitor color settings, concrete mixing and other factors, the actual color of the concrete may vary.

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Why Choose Colored Concrete?

Colored concrete, when paired with other concrete techniques like stamping, is a chameleon: it can become anything you want. You can mimic hardwood flooring, natural stone patios, intricately laid brickwork, and much more. But simply being able to create these looks is just the beginning. With colored concrete, you can also:

  • Save money.

Laying down a brick patio can cost thousands of dollars and requires a lot of maintenance, which can add up in cost over time. If you love the look but hate the price, however, you can have the same “brick” patio at a better value.

  • Customize your look.

Colored ready-mix concrete allows you to create anything you want—a large flagstone patio or a bright red brick walkway. The only limit is your creativity!

  • Cover stains and spills.

Walk down a typical neighborhood sidewalk and you’ll see that concrete stains easily. Colored concrete, however, does not. Because colored concrete can be any color, even black, it can easily cover up stains. This concept is great for colored concrete driveways or garages, and any other areas where things like oil stains can be prevalent.

Colored concrete is one of the easiest, most affordable, and long-lasting ways to enhance your home. Contact us today to learn more about our colored concrete!

Where to Find a Colored Concrete Contractor

We are experts in ready mix concrete. Because of that, we know how to find concrete contractors in Southern California that will not only get the job done, but get it done right. Ask us for a recommended contractor located in Southern California.

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