Stained Ready Mix Concrete, Los Angeles

Concrete stain often goes hand-in-hand with stamped concrete to create attractive flooring that echoes the beauty of nature. You can stain your concrete to look like rugged flagstone, cobblestones, authentic brick, natural stone, and much more.

But you can also stain concrete on its own for a completely unique look. Some staining methods and materials bring out the natural variability of poured ready mix concrete; alternatively, you can create intricate and interesting patterns just by altering the color of your concrete through staining.

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Why Stain Your Concrete?

Staining is one of the most popular methods to enhance ready mix concrete. Offices and other commercial buildings have embraced stained concrete as a durable, economical solution for flooring that can hold up in heavily trafficked areas.

stained ready mix concrete

While plain gray ready mix concrete might suit some buildings going for that “industrial” feel, not everyone wants that same look. For homeowners and property managers, stained concrete can offer advantages that other floorings just can’t.

  • Increase your property value.

Using the “real” materials of stone and brick can cost thousands of dollars. That’s money that you will never see again, due to the poor ROI on such materials. With concrete, the value is all there!

  • Create the pattern of your dreams.

When paired with stamping, staining concrete can help you create a look that’s all your own. Even without stamping the concrete, you can create textures and patterns that no other flooring can match.

  • Do less maintenance.

All you need to do with stained concrete is to keep it clear of dirt and debris. You will need to seal it or wax it every now and again, but overall maintenance is minimal.

  • It lasts forever.

Concrete is one of the most durable materials in construction—that’s why it’s used so extensively! When you choose concrete as your outdoor or indoor flooring, you’re guaranteed a floor that will last a lifetime.

How It’s Done

Because staining concrete requires the use of acid- or water-based chemicals, it is best left to a professional. As handy as you are, it’s not worth the potential damage done to your home or yourself to save on a professional contractor, who is guaranteed to do the job correctly and safely.

First, we will deliver your shipment of plain or colored ready-mix concrete to your home or property. After the concrete has been poured, a contractor will prepare the surface for staining while protecting the rest of the area against the chemicals.

The contractor will apply the stain using specialized tools according to your design specifications. Afterwards, a quick cleanup, a little time to dry, and sealer application protects your new investment.

Where to Find a Stained Concrete Contractor

Because we know concrete inside and out, we know what to look for in a concrete contractor. We will find and recommend a contractor to you based on your specific needs and location in Southern California.

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