Who We Serve — Contractors

SRM Contractors Information

We have worked with thousands of contractors over our 90+ years in the business. Because we started out when Los Angeles was still a cow town and barely yet burgeoning on greatness, contractors counted on concrete—and us— to get buildings up to accommodate the influx of new residents of Southern California.

And we’ve continued to be a leading supplier of concrete for all of Los Angeles since then. In the ’50s and ‘60s, a housing boom led to more construction than ever; SRM Concrete was there to deliver the materials needed. In the ‘80s, high rise buildings were finally permitted in Los Angeles; SRM Concrete stepped in to help the contractors working on those and many more jobs.

Concrete contractors throughout the Southern California region have access to the latest in custom mix designs, custom colors, special finishes and decorative integral rock when they choose Spragues’ Ready Mix Concrete as their professional partners.

What Can We Do for You?

You expect nothing but the best—and we’re here to deliver it. We understand that for concrete contractors in Southern California, the end product is your calling card. We are here to not only assist you on your next project, but elevate it.

We work with small (5 cubic yards, less than full truck load) to midsize (about 300 cubic yards, 30 truckloads over a period of time) projects on a regular basis. However, we are capable of working with concrete projects as large as 2,000 cubic yards.

  • Concrete delivered where and how you need it.

With two locations in Southern California—Irwindale and Simi Valley—we are able to deliver concrete to contractors practically anywhere in the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. We don’t just drop it off and leave, either—our experts can assist you with equipment and truck access issues as well. Check out our Delivery Area to see where your location falls.

  • Compare your concrete prices.

Contractors know how concrete pricing works. That’s why we offer our quick ready mix concrete calculator to help you price your concrete by cubic yard. If you need more specific information, give us a call or email us for a quote.

As we enter our ninth decade of operations, we promise to continue providing concrete contractors in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities the valuable services and best possible products—all so you can impress your clients. Contact us today and find out what we can do to make your building project outstanding.