Green Initiatives

Sustainability is an important aspect of all our mix designs here at Spragues’ Ready Mix. When we manufacture and deliver our ready mix concrete, we’re always thinking, “How can we do this in an even greener way?”

There are a few things we do to increase our sustainability without compromising our exacting quality standards.

  • We use the latest “green” materials.

We use carbon-reducing supplementary cementitious materials—in layman’s terms, anything that can act like Portland cement, but isn’t—that not only reduce carbon, but increase the durability and performance of the ready mix concrete we make.

  • We use materials that qualify for LEED points.

Our pervious concrete, for example, can help contribute LEED points to your next LEED certified commercial or residential building. Pervious concrete is an environmentally-friendly ready-mix concrete alternative with pockets of air that allows water to seep through it to reduce stormwater runoff. Read more about pervious concrete.

  • We use less water.

By using the latest technology in water reduction techniques, we are able to use less water in our mixes—saving water in the meantime! We incorporate the use of an Alar Industrial water filter that allows us to filter returned water from industrial production back into our manufacturing process.

  • We aim for a zero discharge philosophy.

At each of our plants, we try to reduce our waste stream to limit our impact on the environment. Anything we can recycle, we do! When concrete is returned back to our facilities, we recycle the concrete into new aggregates or create concrete blocks that can be used for industrial or landscaping opportunities.

  • We contain concrete process water with EnviroGuard.

More stringent environmental standards and regulations have pushed ready-mix concrete drivers, contractors, and municipalities to contain or dispose of concrete process water, which has a high pH, in a safer way.

We solved this problem by using the Enviroguard Chute Wash System. This system allows drivers to clean their trucks without creating any hazard to the environment. It recycles all concrete wash water back into the drum of the concrete mixer without putting any risk on the contractor or municipality.

We are proud to be a leader in sustainable ready mix concrete manufacturing. In fact, we were the first ready mix concrete supplier in Southern California to install Enviroguard Chute Wash Systems on concrete mixers.