Pervious Ready Mix Concrete, Los Angeles

Pervious concrete, also known as porous, no-fines, or permeable concrete, is a more environmentally friendly option for ready mix concrete. It is an attractive option for those trying to earn LEED credits or are simply concerned with “being green.”

What Is Pervious Concrete?

Ready mix concrete is generally made from aggregates, Portland cement, water, and other chemicals or mineral additives as needed. With a pervious concrete mix, the aggregates are much coarser and there is little to no sand—this creates “voids,” or pockets of air space, that allow water and air to flow through easily. These mixes are typically used as pavement and in greenhouses, parking areas, walkways, and almost all sustainable construction.

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Why You Should Use Permeable Concrete

Pervious concrete does provide a number of benefits, but not all of them can be seen by the naked eye. You can simply trust that permeable concrete is doing its job to protect the environment, though there are some visible and practical benefits to keep in mind.

  • Earn LEED credits.

When you’re building a new home or upgrading your existing one, obtaining LEED certification can add value to your home while helping the environment. There are certain LEED credits you can gain simply by using pervious concrete: LEED Credit SS-C6.1, SS-C6.2, SS-C7.1, WE C1.1, MR-C5.1, MR-C4.1, and MR-C4.2.

  • Save the environment.

Pervious concrete has been endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Best Management Practice to reduce storm water runoff volume, rate, and pollutants. With pervious concrete, storm water does not simply collect and fill retention ponds (along with its added pollutants); it is collected beneath the pavement itself, allowing for filtration and reducing the need for retention ponds themselves. Pervious concrete can also reduce the heat island effect, as it stores less heat and allows trees to grow nearby for shade.

  • Do less maintenance.

It is common knowledge that concrete can crack or break if not care for properly. With pervious concrete, the maintenance is next to nothing: every month or so, just visually inspect the pervious concrete pavement for any debris or improper drainage. If it looks fine, nothing needs to be done!

Pervious concrete is a great alternative to typical ready mix concrete, especially if you’re constructing large paved areas. And though its primary function is to lessen environmental damage, it can be used in conjunction with decorative techniques like stamping or coloring—just ask us for a recommendation of qualified contractor and we can help you plan your permeable concrete project!

Where to Find a Ready Mix Concrete Contractor

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