What You Can Do With Concrete: Concrete Blocks

Give your stockyard, industrial yard, commercial site or even your residence a clean, organized space with concrete blocks from Spragues’ Ready Mix Concrete. Also called bunker blocks, our concrete blocks are ideal for building concrete retaining walls that stabilize slopes and keep the earth from moving beneath it. Aesthetically, they provide a streamlined look for outdoor agricultural spaces while solidifying the structure’s foundation.

How to Use Concrete Blocks

Concrete retaining wall blocks are often used as part of industrial landscaping and protection from damaging environmental factors. Concrete blocks have a strength and solidity that make them ideal for use as load bearing walls, but they can also be used for practical and decorative residential projects.

  • Prevent erosion.

Concrete retaining blocks reduce the amount of soil that is washed away in a rainstorm, which is particularly important for properties that lie on natural slopes and areas where large amounts of dirt are collected. Large concrete retaining wall blocks add stability and help plant life flourish without erosion.

  • Create a tiered yard.

For yards that are located on hilly terrain, concrete blocks can be used to create levels, or tiers, as well as an outdoor staircase. While creating an attractive effect, tiered yards prevent soil from washing downhill and provide a ready space for landscaping. Solid concrete outdoor staircases allow for access to unreachable areas.

  • Add storage space.

Large concrete blocks can be used to create storage space and storage bins for gravel, animal feed, dirt or other collected industrial or residential debris and equipment.

  • Hide unsightly structures.

Create a more appealing space by hiding industrial structures like propane tanks or air conditioning units with small and large concrete blocks.

Our Concrete Block Sizes

We offer smooth, non-decorative concrete retaining wall blocks in a variety of sizes, with our most popular sizes being the full size (6′ x 2′ x 2′) and the half size (3′ x 2′ x 2′). Spragues’ Ready Mix Concrete also keeps a stock of other concrete block sizes to fit any project, as well as custom-made concrete blocks for corners that are specially designed to make a complete 90-degree turn.

For more information on our concrete blocks and available sizes, call Spragues’ Ready Mix Concrete at 844-547-0103. We are happy to work with you on any commercial or residential project!